JT Burke | Beautiful Again – Perpetuating the Myth of Paradise

After the whirlwind that was last week, things have finally settled down for us here at the gallery so we have a bit of time to show you how the opening for JT Burke’s show went. We had a great turn out for the evening and Jeff was on top form talking about how he makes his amazing images and the influences behind them. La Molara was providing the wine for the event which was greatly appreciated by all. A few familiar faces showed up, plus a whole bunch of new ones making it a great evening.

JT Burke talks

Talking about his work

Everyone looking their best, and Jeff in his now trademark white trilby, making it much easier for us to direct the crowds of folks who wanted to question him. Everyone was really interested to hear about the inspiration behind the work, as well as the working methods. The compositions themselves are heavily influenced by ancient Rome, Renaissance manuscripts, Muslim arabesques, and Hindu Tibetan mandalas. Combine this with their large format prints and they are a wonder to look at, and really deserve a closer look to appreciate the detail.

Jeff and co.

A few happy people

The room quickly filled up with people who had braved the rain (perfectly timed for right after the doors opened…) and JT Burke immediately started chatting with the crowd. He was doing so well I don’t think anyone saw him stop all night!

checking the book

Checking out the exhibition book

The exhibition books is also proving really popular. On the night, JT Burke would stop and sign somebody’s book for them more than a few times.

La Molara

Special thanks to La Molara

With the wine flowing, courtesy of Italian wine company, La Molara, the room was abuzz with talk and laughter.

There's always one

There's always one...

With plenty of people to chat to, it was nice to finally meet some people where we could put a face to the name.


'Wild Dayz's very own photographer, Beezer showed up

As things started to wind down, JT Burke had had a good opening reception and made a big impression on Bristol’s art scene. His work is here until the 2nd October and is a must see for anybody who likes the look of it. Feel free to drop into the gallery anytime Monday – Saturday, between 10am and 5pm.

If you want to check out some more of JT Burke’s images, check out the Grant Bradley Gallery website for more images and a better idea of what his work entails.

For sales enquiries, please head to the Grant Bradley Gallery online shop, or send an email to:


happy people Lorraine and Chippy even more happy people!

Some happy people right there.

Special thanks to everybody who made it down to the opening night, and made it such an exciting and fun event. Also, big thanks to Marten Rostel who was out and about snapping pictures all night. All images used are done by Marten.


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